In the Tao of Chow you will find the miscellaneous ruminations of a transplanted foodie. I moved from the Desert Southwest to the Pacific Northwest in December of 2008 and decided to throw fingers to keyboard and document my exploration of all things food related in the Seattle area.

The idea for and the name of this little corner of the blogosphere comes from my good friend and fellow gastronome, Gil Garduno. Gil and I have shared many fine meals together and after reading a post on my blog, Shadwell’s Jacket called the Tao of Surfing, Gil requested that I focus on my Seattle food experiences and playing on my surfing post suggested the name, Tao of Chow. I created that category on Shadwell’s Jacket, but found I was going to be posting a lot of food stuff and decided to give it its own home. Thus the genesis of Chao, otherwise known as the Tao of Chow.

Expect to find musings on: restaurants, food stores, supper clubs, food sites and recipes. I will tell you now that I will be speaking my mind and sharing my opinion on many different topics. In such a subjective arena, I don’t in anyway suggest that my opinions are facts. They are just my views, from my very biased standpoint. I welcome well articulated dialogue and feedback from anyone that would care to share their biased opinions as well.

Here’s to you finding your Epicurean Harmony




  1. Great blog, Bill! I was just reading the latest about your BUPA, and seeing the label, I couldn’t help but think that that looked like an ultimate team. After searching the archives, my suspicions were confirmed! Still play? (I’ve just moved over from Seattle proper, and while I still practice/play with a team over there, I’ve started looking for people to throw with on the peninsula, esp. around Bremerton.)

    • Kai,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, despite my advancing age (I am 20 years older then the next oldest person on my team) I am still playing Ultimate. I am currently playing on team Grover in the Tacoma Hat Recreation league. I do know there are a coule of pick up games on our side of the water, but I have yet to hit them. I will forward you emails for them when I get them. If you want to get together and just flick the disc around some time let me know. If you don’t know we also have an excellent disc golf course at NAD park in Bremerton.

      Take Care

      Billy Bob

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