Posted by: b44hanson | April 11, 2011

Supper Club – La Fermata

Already this version of the Supper Club has doubled the amount of dinners than the last one, as we met for our second bread breaking session at La Fermata in Bremerton. Irena and I had been to La Fermata once before and thought it would be a great choice for our first contribution on destinations. La Fermata is a little Italian hole in the wall, with no signage out front. Most people don’t even know there is a restaurant there, let along such a good one.

To get things started we randomly drew seat assignments and then did a quick round of ‘what if’, which created the very non-typical dinner conversation topic of zero gravity’s effect on human waste ;-). Although that wasn’t be best line of the night, which has to go to Pam for her “Free Range” comment! We are a very sophisticated group!

Irena and I split an Anti Pasta plate which included some incredible pickled vegetables and salami that will make that dry/bland stuff I used to get on my sandwiches as a kid go run and hide! I haven’t had that good of salami since my days at SCL when I would venture to Salumi for lunch! We also split a roasted beet salad with walnuts that reminded me just how much I love beets. As a child we would have them regularly, but they were out of a can and cold. For our main courses, Irena had the duck breast and I had pork loin. Both dishes were incredible and then we finished off the night , not sharing mind you as I stood corrected, but with our own individual Creme Brulee with some good coffee.

We all had fun, laughing, eating and just enjoying each others company. Net and Ann are up next and Pam and Lee are already planning their second one, a BBQ in August!




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