Posted by: b44hanson | March 7, 2011

Supper Club Take III

Saturday night marked the inaugural meal on what for me is the third different Supper Club I have been lucky enough to participate in. The first iteration was one that ran for a couple of years in Arizona, the second one was a brief one (only one outing) here in the Seattle area and now our current version. Basically the way we have implemented our Supper Club is we get a handful of people together that enjoy dining out, we rotate whose turn it is each month and they chose a place for a our dining destination.

Our first destination was La Fondita in Tacoma in the Proctor District. This was my first time to this quaint neighborhood and I liked its charm. The restaurant itself had a nice atmosphere, segmented into a dining area and bar area (although the bar area does have a few tables and is where we sat). The first test of a Mexican food place is the chips and salsa. The chips were fresh and the salsa was tasty, but for my tastes, I could have used a little more heat. I ordered the Chile Verde and asked for it spicy. Now keep in mind, the bar has been set pretty high when it comes to Chile Verde by my favorite New Mexican style restaurant in Phoenix, Los Dos Molinos. Los Dos serves up big chunks of tender pork that you touch with your fork and it falls apart, simmered in a yummy and fiery hot green sauce. La Fondita’s dish, although not quite up to Los Dos standards, did measure up pretty well. The chunks of pork were smaller and not quite as tender, but the green sauce was tasty and with the little chunks of Habanero mixed in, it certainly set my mouth on fire. I love putting out the fire with a yummy Marg and the Cazadores and Cointreau float margarita did the trick. I also sampled Irena’s Chicken Mole and the chocolate Oaxacan sauce delivered!

Of course what makes Supper Club work is the friends you are breaking bread with and this night was no exception as everyone gabbed, laughed and feasted away. Our hosts for the first dinner, Pam and Lee, even opened up their house for some after dinner ice cream, where we were thoroughly entertained by their precocious dog Tag. 

Can’t wait for this month’s installment!





  1. Nothing like setting the bar high. How am I going to top this one? I’m sure I can figure something out…..


    • All dining adventures are unique. I am sure you will do just fine. Maybe you could borrow Tag!

  2. What about cumin?

    • Gil, in you honor we each snorted a line of cumin before eating! Actually it’s funny, Irena doesn’t like cumin either so everytime I either cut back or eliminate the ‘devil spice’ I think of my buddy the NM Gastronome.

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