Posted by: b44hanson | October 18, 2010

Sitka and Spruce

I always enjoy a restaurant that allows my cooking voyeur tendencies to play out. I think I have mentioned before one of my favorite places in Maui, was a restaurant where we sat right in the kitchen. I just really enjoy watching professionals strut their stuff. For this reason Sitka and Spruce immediately made an impression on me as I took my seat and had this view….

Sitka and Spruce Kitchen

I was there for my Friday, lets get the weekend started lunch and it was hard to choose from the many tasty sounding dishes on the menu.

Eclectic Epicurean Delights

I ended up going with the pork in terrine with mustard and crackers, a Latte and the gateau Basque with preserved pumpkin. I didn’t really know what was meant by pork in terrine, but I knew I liked pork, so I went for it.

Pork in Terrine

I must admit I was a little worried when my lunch was brought to the table. Basically the pork in terrine looked a lot like a hunk of cold spam, but that is where the similarities ended. Since eating lunch, I looked up terrine and found out it is a ‘French forcemeat loaf served at room temperature’. Forcemeat is meat that is ground or finely chopped. It was amazing!! The pork was succulent, with just the right amount of saltiness. The crackers and mustard were home-made and any combination of the three ingredients prompted me to close my eyes like Remy and enjoy the tantalizing flavors exploding on my tongue.

The gateau Basque with preserved pumpkin had the bar set pretty high by the main course, but it did not disappoint. Basically the dish was a very moist pastry with chunks of sweetened pumpkin on top. It was heavenly, and as I sipped on my latte to finish up my lunch I knew I had to get Irena here as soon as possible.

One of the cool things about the communal style of the place is I got to engage in a discussion with the chef/owner who also owns another place called the Corson Building in Georgetown, where they serve an equally inventive menu, but in a family style setting. The next time I have a large group of people looking for a adventurous dining experience, we may have to go check it out.




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