Posted by: b44hanson | October 11, 2010

Agate Pass Cafe

Irena, Jim, Linda and myself took our maiden voyage to Agate Pass Cafe for Sunday brunch and I will have to say we got mixed results. We showed up at 11:00 and the place was only about half full. We were greeted with a smile, seated right away and poured some excellent coffee. The waitress took our order and after she left, I commented to the rest of our party that I am always impressed by someone who doesn’t write down the order, but is able to memorize everyone’s wishes. I also qualified my statement by stating that I am impressed if they get it right.

Then the wait, and the wait and the wait. Keep in mind there are only 10-12 tables in the place and it was half full when we got there and I would say we waited at least 45 minutes for our meal. After about four cups of coffee, our meals finally showed up and wouldn’t you know it, they forgot one of our breakfasts. Now amazingly, they were able to whip that out in five minutes, which makes you wonder what the other 40 minutes was about earlier, but I digress. I will say the waitress was gracious in apologizing and comped Irena’s coffee and OJ.

The food itself was pretty good. Two of us got the Polenta Pancakes, one got French Toast and the order that had to be whipped up was the Vegetable Ragout. The food is good enough that I could probably convince Irena to give it another try, but I sure hope we just hit an off day in the service dept. Our side of the water, so needs good, high quality, independent destinations, I hope Agate Pass can rise to the occasion.




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