Posted by: b44hanson | April 16, 2010

Serious Pie – No False Advertising

Coming up with the ultimate criteria of what makes a good pizza is impossible. It would be like trying to come up with the perfect way to state what style of music is best or defining who was the better painter Renoir or Degas. I have posted frequently on this blog’s sister site, shadwell’s jacket, about embracing the lack of absolutes in the universe and nowhere is this more relevant than in creative endeavors, where I also include the culinary arts.

Back to pizza, Chicago or NY Style? Pepperoni or Sausage? Square or Round. Preferences go on and on, with preferences being the key point. Everything about this discussion centers around personal preferences, so when I share with you my thoughts, here are some key reference points for you to consider about my pizza heritage. I grew up on Round Table Pizza and still like it. As a young adult I was introduced to Pizza My Heart and it’s New York style, greasy fold it lengthwise in half and savor in the yumminess. Then the clouds parted for me and I was introduced to Pizzeria Bianco. Regarded by some as (certainly not all) as the best pizza in the U.S. Pizza lovers would stand in 110 degree Phoenix mid-summer heat for an hour to get in on first seating at Chris Bianco’s pizza palace.

I provide this back story because here in Seattle I have found a pizza that, although it isn’t quite at that exquisite Bianco level, it can play in the same league. Serious Pie, part of the Tom Douglas suite of gourmet restaurants serves up the best pie I have experienced in the Pacific Northwest since I moved here in December of 08.

Irena and I made our second trip to Serious Pie on Tuesday night before a concert at the Moore Theatre. I got there a few minutes before Irena and ordered a Dogfish 60 Minute IPA off of their small, but high quality beer list. I timed it perfect as Irena arrived to our salad selection of Tuscan Kale, Pine Nut and Calabria Pepper salad. The salad was topped with paper-thin slices of Parmesan cheese and was excellent. I especially liked the kick the Calabria Peppers gave. For our Pizzas we ordered the Yellowfoot Mushrooms, Truffle Cheese and the House Salumi, Carmelized Onions and Sardegna pies. Both pies were excellent. The crusts were crispy, yet not dry and flaky. In the marketing on their website, Serious Pie states they are a pizzeria with a bread bakers soul and this crust, which I would gladly eat on its own backs that boast up. For the mushroom pizza, the fungi tickles your tongue in a musty, hearty flavorful way. The salumi pie is also amazing, featuring a delectable balance of sweet onion with the spicy sausage. Both Irena and I loved every bite. Even though we shouldn’t have, we couldn’t resist the temptation of dessert and went for the Vanilla Panna Catta, Rhubarb and Pistachio selection. Like everything else, it didn’t disappoint.

The nice thing about combining gourmet and pizza is it brings you in on the low-end of cost for a truly gourmet experience. We were out the door at around $70.

I am feeling a Moore Theatre pre-dinner ritual taking shape for Irena and I as we thoroughly enjoyed our slices of pizza heaven from Serious Pie.




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