Posted by: b44hanson | March 27, 2010

A Word of Caution

I thought I was the only one that didn’t know you shouldn’t blend hot liquids in a blender with the lid on tight, when I scalded myself and made a mongo mess of my kitchen some 10 years ago. Fast forward to earlier this week and my very accomplished cook and girlfriend was getting ready to blend some hot liquids and I thought for sure she would know how to handle it, but the sudden scream told me, not!

So here it is your primer for how to deal with hot liquids that need to be blended. The preferred method is to use a little hand-held immersion blender and do the blending right in the pot. This works the best and since it is an open environment you don’t have the problem of the heat building up pressure, which is the issue with doing this in a blender. If you don’t have an immersion blender and you can’t wait for your liquid to cool, you can do it in a blender, but you must be careful.

First, take the little plastic top off of the lid. When you go to blend, put a kitchen towel over the hole in the lid. This will allow the pressure to exit while the towel will stop you from having to clean your walls. The other thing you should do is start with the lowest speed possible on your blender and blend in short bursts. I would also only fill the blender to about a third to a half full, leaving room for expansion.

So there you have it. Buy your self a little hand held immersion blender or be very careful with your blender and you can handle the hot stuff!




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