Posted by: b44hanson | December 22, 2009

Nattamit – Not to be Missed Thai!

Last Friday, I asked the question of a business associate what she wanted for lunch. She replied, “Anything, as long as it isn’t chain”. We then went off on sharing great stories of divey, family run ethnic places we have enjoyed over the years. We ended up eating at Elliot Bay Cafe (under the bookstore), but that write up will be saved for another day. Today it is about sharing one of those stories about an incredible divey, family run ethnic place in Silverdale, Nattamit Thai.

On Saturday, after a day of holiday work, Irena and I were tired and hungry and had a hankering for Thai. I had heard good things about Nattamit on Chowhounds and had actually driven by it before but it was closed. We decided to try our luck again and the sign said it was open, but alas the door was locked. Just as we were sulking away, the owner/chef/waitress opened the door and let us in, explaining that someone must have locked the door by accident.

The place is small. Only about five tables inside, with a few more on the patio, which I heard is a good people watching spot in the summer, but doesn’t do much good in the drizzly dead of winter. The place immediately scores bonus points with me as it is the Pirate episode of Married with Children on the tv behind the counter. Obviously this place has class! For those of you that don’t know, my email address is albundywannabe. Our host told us to make ourselves at home and that is kind of what it felt like in there as we helped ourselves to water and looked over the menus for our selections. Irena chose the staple, Pad Thai and I ordered Panang Curry w/Pork. We also got an order of Springs Rolls for appetizers. To drink we each got iced Chais.

When the food arrived it looked and smelled great. I have had a lot of Pad Thai in my day and even will cook some sorta from scratch at home, but I can safely say that after my taste of Irena’s Pad Thai that it might have been the best I have ever had. It had a stronger then normal peanut spicieness to it that I really liked. I asked for my Panang Curry spicy hot and although it didn’t remove the lining of the inside of my mouth it did provide some decent kick. The oily curry base was a perfect compliment to the pork and peppers. You can tell if I really like a sauce, if I use every bit of rice to absorb it all and I did.

We were stuffed, but we couldn’t resist splitting an order of Black Rice Pudding for dessert. It was sweet, hot and creamy heaven!

I originally was lamenting our lack of chow worthy options on our side of the water and I think what I am coming to realize with discoveries like Nattamit, is that the selection is there, if you know where to look!




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