Posted by: b44hanson | November 1, 2009

Suzy’s Kitchen – Awesome Korean

At the bottom of Suzy’s menu it says that, “All food and desserts made with Suzy’s love” and I believe it.

Suzy’s Kitchen is at the corner of 6th and Callow in downtown Bremerton, in a little strip mall that houses a tobacco shop and a mexican restaurant. It has bare bones decor, but when Jenny (Suzy’s daughter) greets you, you suddenly are transported into having dinner with some family friends. Jenny is friendly and gracefully helps me as I butcher the Korean pronunciations of the dishes I am anxious to try.

Irena and I have been there twice now and have sampled Kalbi (Marinated beef short ribs), Kimchi Chap Je (Sweet potato noodles stir fried with veggies and kimchi), Bulgogi Chap Je (Sweet potato noodles stir fried with veggies and beef) and Bibimgooksu (Bulgogi, cucumber, veg, noodles in spicy fruit sauce). All of the entrees are served with banchan, which consists of six yummy side dishes ranging from terriyaki potatoes to kimchi. Both times I have had the Korean coffee, which I think is just sweetened Nescafe, but it still tasted good and went well with the meal.

The food is amazing and the portions are very generous. Jenny always offers to refill the Banchan, but we pass since we always have more than enough to eat anyway, typically taking enough leftovers home to fuel a lunch or two at work.

Suzy’s really stands out in the somewhat limited dining scene in the Bremerton area. It is good, authentic food served in a friendly environment. It has quickly moved to the top of Irena and my rotation for dining out in Bremerton.




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