Posted by: b44hanson | September 6, 2009

Port Townsend Farmer’s Market

We have now made the roughly hour to an hour and a half trip from Belfair to Port Townsend a few times and the last two times, Irena and I have taken in the incredible Farmer’s Market  there. It is in the uptown section of Port Townsend and runs for roughly two blocks, with tons of yummy booths on both sides and up the middle of the street. On our last trip we bought some incredible sweet corn out of the back of the grower’s pick up truck!

What I love about a good farmer’s market is the variety of fresh veggies available. If all you ever do is go to a supermarket you may never try Golden Beets, Heirloom Tomatoes or Dragon’s Tongue beans.

Here area few pics to whet your appetite.

So Much to Choose From

So Much to Choose From

Pepper Heaven

Pepper Heaven

Dragon's Tongue Beans

Dragon's Tongue Beans

Beets Me

Beets Me

The market runs through November and if you ever needed a good reason to go up and spend a day in a cool little town, this fun market might just push you over the edge. I know we will be back there again soon.



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