Posted by: b44hanson | August 25, 2009

The Pig Truck

Located at 2nd Street and Pike is the Pig Truck. The eye-catching truck is part of a cool dining trend in Seattle, where they have taken the roach-coach to a gourmet level, GourCoach if you will. My first foray into this world was Maximus Minimus where they dish up some mean pork sandwiches.

Future is so bright.....

Future is so bright.....

My ferry riding buddy, Linda took me on my maiden voyage a few weeks back and I have already gone back to share the yummy pulled pork sandwiches with a co-worker. What the menu lacks in quantity, it more then makes up for in quality.

The Goods

The Goods

I have had the Pork sandwich both times and tried both sauces. The Maximus was spicy, but not overpowering and the Minimus, with its tamarind seasoning was exceptional. I almost always gravitate towards spicy options when dining, but I think the Minimus sauce might be the better of the two, at least for my tastes. The coleslaw is divine, with the addition of Cilantro a welcome surprise. The Hibiscus nectar is an excellent version of one of my favorite Agua Frescas from Ranch Market in South Phoenix, Jamaica.

Maximus Minimus is a four squealer in my book and I will be making the 10 minute walk from the office many times in the future. It also makes we want to try some of the other GourCoach, meals on wheels destinations scattered throughout the city.



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