Posted by: b44hanson | August 3, 2009

Billamese Iced Coffee

One of my favorite drinks when I go to a Vietnamese restaurant is Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk. I have even bought one of the cute little single cup French Press coffee makers and sweetened condensed milk and made this at home. I won’t say I made it as well as the better restaurants, but I got it to taste pretty good.

What I have been playing with recently is how can I get close to this in a quicker manner or at Starbucks. What I think works pretty well is a double espresso shot, with one package of Splenda and a little half and half over ice. At Starbucks I just order a Iced Doppio, which is their double espresso and doctor it up a little and it is a fairly good substitute for a Vietnamese Iced Coffee.



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