Posted by: b44hanson | June 19, 2009

Quinn’s vs Spur – Battle of the Gastropubs

Irena and I took our maiden voyage to Quinn’s Pub on Capitol Hill last night. For me it was my first taste of that neighborhood and I really liked the vibe. We were headed to a benefit show for Palestinian girls, with the band Circus Mama providing the rockin’ tunes. The two front ladies for the band are friends of Irena’s. The venue Sole Repair is a cool little bar adjacent to Quinn’s where we stopped off for dinner before the show.

Quinn’s and Spur are good examples of a category of food being dubbed Gastropub. A Pub type feel, but with the food kicked up a notch, actually a couple of notches. I have previously been to Spur, which I really enjoyed and was eagerly looking forward to trying a different version of this culinary style.

Spur’s decor is a little more upscale, even though it has a Spaghetti Western theme. Quinn’s had much more of a neighborhood feel to it, albeit a hip neighborhood. The reviews I had seen on both of these places referenced spotty service, but again I didn’t experience this at either place. At Quinn’s, Irena and I sat at the counter and the bartender was attentive, helpful and friendly. Irena had a Black Butt, her moniker for Black Butte Porter and I had a Trippel Chimay on draft. I have long been a fan of Black Butte’s smooth Porter flavor and have had bottled Chimay before, but the draft was oh so good. That trademark, yeasty taste of this style of beer was subtle and divine.

For food Irena got the 8oz Painted Hills Burger and I got the Fried Oysters Po’ Boy. Irena’s burger was incredibly good, cooked to perfection, just the right amount of seasoning and yummy fries that Jack and Mickey D can only dream of producing. Irena would never admit defeat, but I kicked her arse on who ordered the better meal as the Oyster Po’Boy was most excellent! Unlike many places, despite being breaded and fried the oysters were not over cooked, but rather juicy and meaty. I don’t know what the sauce was they used with it, but it was the perfect accompaniment, providing a slightly sweet taste, that was subtle and didn’t overwhelm the dish.

Irena and I both thouroughly enjoyed Quinn’s and it will certainly be a place that we will go back to. As far as the comparison with Spur, I’d say there isn’t a clear cut winner. I think they both are top notch and present a slightly different experience, but for my personal tastes, I think Quinn’s is more of what I look for in a dining destination.



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