Posted by: b44hanson | April 14, 2009

Spur Gastropub

Since my first real exposure to pubs was on the Emerald Isle of Ireland, I guess it made since to continue my pub exploration in the Emerald City of Seattle. I love a pub (the origins I believe is that Pub is short for Public House) that does a good job of providing good food, beer and atmosphere.

High on my list of places the try was Spur, which is one of a few places in Seattle I have seen categorized as a gastropub. I had hoped that meant that they kicked it up a notch on the food side of the equation. If Spur is a good example of what a gastropub is meant to be, then I love the idea.

I went to Spur for happy hour before the equally incredible Jack Shimabukuro show later that night. Go to Shadwell’s Jacket to see my write up on the concert.

Spur’s happy hour choices looked good and were reasonably priced at $3 each, so I ordered all of them!

Happy Hour Menu

Happy Hour Menu

The Mizuna was an excellent salad with roasted pears and prosciutto. The sweetness of the pears and the saltiness of the prosciutto were a match made in heaven.

Mizuna Salad

Mizuna Salad

The Celeriac Soup, was a creamy delight with a nice strong bite of Truffle Oil.
Celeraic Soup

Celeriac Soup

And the Red Potatoes with the Cream Fraiche & Chive dip were tasty. The potatoes were cooked to perfection and the Cream Fraiche was another great taste contrast.
Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes

And last but not least was the excellent Georgetown Porter, which was also happy hour priced at $3. So for $12 bucks I had a great mini meal, with superb food and atmosphere.
I now have a proven before show spot near the Moore and Jazz Alley and I will also try
and get down here to sample some of their regular dinner menu.


  1. I’m jealous! Sounds like my kind of place. You are certainly getting out and about!
    By the way “Speck” on the menu board, under the salad description is German for bacon.

    • Teach,

      Thanks for the German lesson. I thought it might have been the type of lettuce.


  2. Hi There,

    We’re going to be in Seattle in a few weeks and have been going a bit crazy trying to squeeze in all the great food the city has to offer. We’re huge beer fans and Spur sounds great. Would you recommend this place for a short weekend visit or are there other places more worthy?

    Pink Foodie

    • PF,

      Let me qualify my sage advice before I give it. First, I am a relative newbie to the Seattle food scene, just having moved up here in December and living an hour’s ferry ride away. I do work in Seattle and try to get over to Seattle on the weekends as well. I have only been to Spur once and it was only at happy hour, so my breadth of experience there is limited. Having said all of that, everything I had was spectacular. You mentioned beer, so I will start there. The Georgetown 9 Lb Porter was great. Rich full body and smooth. I can’t say it was the best I have ever had, but it was right up there. Georgetown also makes a Pale Ale I really like called Manny’s. Don’t know if Spur serves it, but it is very good as well. The food was also really good and would appeal to foodies. I think non foodies might complain, “This ain’t pub grub”, but for me it was just what I was looking for. So, should you fit Spur in? I’d say yes.

      Here is the other thing for you to consider. It is hard to go anywhere here in Seattle and not find a good micro brew selection. I bet even Denny’s has good beer! (OK, maybe not Denny’s, but you get the picture). The beer culture here is well ingrained and I love it. If you haven’t already, I would also suggest perusing the Pacific Northwest board and looking for ideas there. It is where I typically go for a good pulse on the dining scene. Enjoy your trip and report back on how it went.


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