Posted by: b44hanson | April 6, 2009

Trophy Girl Unveiled

I am going to go with a triple Becky on my first sampling of Trophy Girl Pale Ale. I am willing to give one, maybe one and a half of the, “OH MY GAWD BECKIES!” to the fact I was uncertain about how my return engagement to home-brewing was going to go. Lets just say I was more then pleasantly surprised. Of course, when you think about it, when is anything to do with a Trophy Girl bad?

The First Taste of Trophy Girl Pale Ale

The First Taste of Trophy Girl Pale Ale

My biggest problem with my earlier home brewing experiences was eliminating off tastes. To this end, Trophy Girl gets and A+. I taste nothing, but what the beer gods had intended. The beer is nicely hopped, a little bit thicker then Sierra Nevada, which is what the recipe was a clone of. I may play with the recipe some for future batches, but it would be unwise to stray far from this result.

I can’t tell you how critical this batch was to my psyche. If this batch is bad, I dumped a lot of time and money into something I could just buy at the store for cheaper, but instead I have been rewarded. I now have a brew that I can share with fellow beer connoisseurs, because that is what cooking and brewing are all about, a means to share with friends.




  1. That wasn’t your tune a few years ago!

  2. So I after doing some beer research, I am starting to get curious about brewing…do you have like a rough estimate of what kind of investment a newbie is looking at for basic equipment?

    • Leslie,

      The real answer, like any hobby, is you can spend as much as you want. According to their website, the place I buy my supplies, Olympic Brewing in Bremerton, will sell you a starter kit for $75. This assumes you have a big pot, like a big tamale pot or similar, since a pot is not included in that price. My suggestion really, is get a taste of brewing, see if it interests you and then decide on how you want to proceed. I know that Olympic Brewing also holds classes, which I think would be a great way to see what brewing is about, or find someone that is doing some brewing and offer to help out and see what that is like. When I learned, I struck a deal with my buddy, that I would buy all of the ingredients and he would let me use his equipment as I learned and then I just slowly started getting my own stuff.

      If you like cooking and you like beer, this is a match made in heaven! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and if you do get started, let me know how you are progressing.


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