Posted by: b44hanson | April 2, 2009

Brother Ugly Pale Ale

I started up my second batch of home brew last weekend, which has been dubbed Brother Ugly Pale Ale in honor of the motley crew of guys coming up to Seattle on Memorial day weekend. This batch used an Arrogant Bastard clone recipe, which should leave it in the Pale Ale category, but it should be what I like to call a more syrupy style. Higher alcohol content, more body and a very hoppy finish, although it wasn’t dry hopped so I am curious to how it will compare hop wise to my Trophy Girl Pale Ale which was dry hopped.

Here are a few pics from the process. One is of the equipment, one is the ingredients and the last is the brewing in process.

Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment

Just Add Water

Just Add Water

Boiling the Wort

Boiling the Wort

The beer is currently in primary fermentation. I am still working on filling the carboys to the right level. The first time I didn’t have enough water and the the batch was a little smaller then it could have been and this one I had a little too much in primary and when the yeast went crazy creating my high alcohol BUPA, it spewed out my airlock. No worries, the airlock still worked, but I will adjust my level down for next time.

Here is the beer in all it’s glory in primary. This weekend I will rack it to secondary. Also, April 6th is the three week mark for TGPA in bottling. I will soon get a first taste. I will keep you posted.

Brother Ugly Pale Ale in Primary

Brother Ugly Pale Ale in Primary




  1. Trying to figure out what’s in those baggies: cumin and cannibis are the obvious two. What else has the brewmeister bagged

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