Posted by: b44hanson | March 27, 2009

Brother Ugly Pale Ale

As Trophy Girl carbonates and readies itself for its April 6th unveiling, I am going to start up another batch of beer this weekend. I am making a commemorative batch of Pale Ale, to be called Brother Ugly Pale Ale. On Memorial day weekend, Bush, Shits, AJ, Siege and Matty B are coming to the Pacific Northwest to “Rip Seattle a new one!”

This group of close friends and Ultimate teammates were dubbed the Brother Uglies, a badge we wore with honor and this batch of beer is being brewed to commemorate this gathering as well as supply the fuel to create some new Brother Ugly memories.

I have always been a Pale Ale fan since Sierra Nevada Pale Ale won me over. The current variation of this style that I have really been enjoying is the very syrupy, high alcohol content (usually up around 8%), highly aromatic hopped version, best demonstrated by Hale Brewing’s Super Goose. Other beers that are similar are Blue Chimay, Arrogant Bastard and Dog Fish Head 90 minute IPA. This will be the style I am going to go after for Brother Ugly Pale Ale.

Saturday I am going to go to Olympic Brewing Supplies and it looks like they have recipes for Dog Fish and Arrogant Bastard. I will probably pick one of those two to follow.


Billy Bob

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