Posted by: b44hanson | March 9, 2009

Trophy Girl Pale Ale Artwork

I remember in my youth explaining to my sister the difference between famous and infamous. She already new what famous meant, so I told her to consider Highway 17, the twisty, high speed, slow sand truck laden thoroughfare between Santa Cruz and San Jose. Highway 17 highlighted for her something that was famous for the wrong reasons, same as my artistic ability.

In my last job, I was infamous for very poor cut and paste artwork. In fact if I did too good of a job, I would have to do it again so it had the signature bad cut and paste style so people knew it was my creation. Take this before and after picture and you get the idea.





I crack myself up. Anyway, back to the title line of this post and my infamous artistic ability. Here is the artwork for my Trophy Girl Pale Ale labels.

Trophy Girl Pale Ale




  1. is thinking Trophy Girl prettier than bottle ! Great Idea, Cute. Sure better than Trophy Boy

    • Thanks. I was going to do something real simple, but then I got my new printer with scanning capabilities and viola!

  2. That triumvirate of unscrupulous looking characters–are they escapees from Sheriff Joe Arpayo’s tent prison?

  3. Hey how come you didn’t use my trophy girl photo?

    Still to this day, I remember you teaching me the difference between famous and infamous. Too funny!

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