Posted by: b44hanson | March 3, 2009

Trophy Girl Rack

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Tonight I racked my Trophy Girl Pale Ale from primary fermentation to secondary. Overall it went pretty well, but I did run into a couple of speed bumps. First I couldn’t get the siphon started and ended up having to use the dreaded sucking method, which exposes the beer to all of the cooties in my mouth. Second I forgot to add the hops for dry hopping ahead of time. So they went in after the beer was already racked. I am assuming they will still soak into the beer, but I had intended to add them to the carboy ahead of time. Oh well.

So now if I follow the general rule of 1-2-3, which is 1 week in primary, 2 weeks in secondary and three weeks in the bottle, I should be bottling two weeks from now.

I did taste the beer a bit by doing the mouth siphon and I must say it was pretty tasty!



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