Posted by: b44hanson | February 23, 2009

Zaina Meets Clara Peller

I was wandering around Pioneer Square during lunch hour and decided to give Zaina (at 1st and Cherry, just west of 1st) a try for lunch. Boasting the best Falafel in the world, how could I go wrong?

Zaina - Food, Drinks and Friends

I was a little worried at first since they weren’t that busy at 11:50, but a decent size lunch crowd showed up after noon. I ordered a Falafel sandwich, Baklava and Turkish Coffee.


I did a search on Chowhound after getting back and it looks like most of the feedback on Zaina was positive, but I must say I will a little underwhelmed by my Falafel sandwich. Doing my best Clara Peller imitation, “Where’s the Falafel?” The sandwich was big, but mostly filled with lettuce and sauce and very little Falafel and what Falafel I did find was fairly mushy and lost in the other ingredients.
On the plus side, the pita was excellent and fresh.  The Baklava and the Turkish Coffee were delish as well. I will probably give Zaina another try just based on all of the good feedback, but I sense I am still searching for my “goto” Falafel spot.


  1. You need to find the bright yellow Hallava Falafel truck. Might be a long way for lunch – it’s often in Georgetown, right by the Corson Building.

    • TS,

      Thanks for the tip. I think I heard about this truck on Chowhound as well. Next time I am in that neck of the woods I will look for it.


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