Posted by: b44hanson | February 21, 2009

Trophy Girl Pale Ale

Day one update on the batch of beer, I have dubbed Trophy Girl Pale Ale.

The initial brewing went pretty well, but I was caught a bit with my pants down in having brewing water that had been boiled and cooled to help cool the wort off as well as add volume. I think I will be OK and learned a lesson for next time. One of the best things of brewing beside adhering to the mantra of, “Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Home Brew’ is the awesome smell in the house. The cooking of grains and the bitter hops has my house smelling like Laverne and Shirley’s workplace!

As of this writing I am waiting for the wort (raw beer) to cool down to roughly room temp so I can add the yeast. This is a critical junction when the beer is vulnerable to off tastes. Once the yeast kicks in, the gas it dispenses wards off any unwanted visitors.




  1. When you’ve got Trophy Girl down pat, let’s see you duplicate the “Arrogant Bastard Rustler” Cheeseburger at one of your old haunts, the Orange Table in Scottsdale.

  2. Mr. Cake,

    That is a tall order brewing up to an Arrogant Bastard level, but that is a style I am going to try and do. Another syrupy style of beer I am going to try and get close to is Dogfish 90 Mintue IPA.


  3. just wondering how you came up with the name…..

    • It is homage to a good friend who, when we were children planted a Trophy Girl kiss on me after I won a quarter midget race. The picture of the smooch in question and my resulting 10 year old “cootie” frown, landed me on the front page of the local newspaper.

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