Posted by: b44hanson | February 17, 2009

Cosmo’s Deli

Cosmo’s Deli in Port Orchard has piqued my curiosity.

I ate there on Monday night and upon reviewing my dining experience I am not really able to put my thumb on exactly how I felt. On one hand, I devoured everything in front of me, eating all of what I originally thought was too much food and then even had room for dessert. The salad I started with was good. Crisp lettuce, chunks of feta and some crispy Prosciutto. The pint of Birra Morretti hit the spot. The Fettuccine dish I sampled took me a while to warm up to it. On my first helping, I felt the sauce was a little weak, but when I grabbed a second helping, I saw what the problem was with my first sampling, I didn’t have any of the artichoke or eggplant the first go around. So either they didn’t have enough of these yummy ingredients in the dish or I did a poor job of grabbing my first helping. Once I had the eggplant and artichoke mixed in, suddenly the sauce worked its magic.

I wasn’t going to order dessert, but I fell victim to the evil dessert tray display technique of coercement and ordered a yummy slice of cheese cake. On the way out, I stopped and looked at their deli counter and it looked fairly good.

I guess after sorting through my thoughts I will probably go back to Cosmo’s. I can’t say it really knocked my socks off, but it more then adequately filled the whole I had in my belly. I think the next time I go there I am going to go and focus more on the deli, try a sandwich and maybe bring some of their Italian meats home.



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