Posted by: b44hanson | February 11, 2009

Sublime Samurai

One of the many silver linings of a experiencing a real winter, is the appreciation of a hot bowl of Ramen to take the edge off. I recently decided to saunter down to the International District for lunch and try out a place I had heard about on Chowhound called Samurai Noodle.

I ordered at the counter where it makes it very clear you order first and then they sit you in the tight quarters that can only seat roughly 18 people. I decided on the Chili Green Onion Ramen and the Genmai Matcha Tea. After I was seated, one of the first things I noticed was the Roasted Seaweed aroma coming from my table neighbor’s broth. I have always loved the smell of Nori, reminding me of all of the good Sushi I have consumed over the years. Also while I was waiting I enjoyed watching the people that tried to sit first and then order to no avail. Not quite a soup nazi level, but they are firm on their process!

Sublime played on two different levels during my visit. On one plane it literally was playing, as I was happy to hear one of my favorite bands of all-time, Sublime playing on the sound system when I walked in. The second level was the quality of the Chili Green Onion Ramen I consumed and the joy it brought to my taste buds and the warmth it brought to my belly.

Chili Green Onion Ramen

Chili Green Onion Ramen

The broth was spicy and contained a ton of chopped green onions, maybe even a little too much, but hey it is what I ordered. The noodles were very good. I asked for medium firmness and they were cooked to order. They take their noodles seriously here. On their menu the say they provide take out, but suggest you eat in as the noodles get soggy and lose their al dente status after 7 minutes.

I would not consider myself a real Ramen expert, so I can’t really speak to where Samurai Noodle fits on the Ramen quality scale, but I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will be going back there again when my diet is feeling a little deficient in the Sublime category.




  1. better than the ten for a dollor type, eh! 😉

  2. Wow! That didn’t look anything like all the Ramen I consumed as a dirt poor student in college. Great review! Great blog!

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