Posted by: b44hanson | February 11, 2009


Yesterday I had a Japanese themed Seattle experience. I first went to the Seattle International Film Festival  (SIFF) and saw an Akira Kurosawa movie on the big screen for the first time. I am a big Kurosawa fan, with Ran being one of my favorite movies of all time, but I had only experienced Kurosawa’s work on the small screen. For my maiden voyage into big screen Kurosawa I saw the epic Kagamusha and it was classic Kurosawa. Beautiful cinematography, historical Japanese perspective, deep family themes and of course battle scenes with thousands and thousands of warriors. Another piece of trivia regarding Kagamusha is that this movie was released later in his career (1980). Apparently he was having trouble getting backing to make this movie and two young up and coming Americans, who were big fans provided the Executive Production required to make this movie a reality. Their names were something like, Coppola and Lucas. I think I have heard their names before, not sure.

After savoring all of that rich Japanese culture it made perfect sense to have Japanese food for dinner. On my ever expanding Seattle list of restaurants to try was Kushibar. A new establishment in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle that touts itself as selling Japanese street food. I have been to Japan a handful of times and two of my favorite meal experiences were Yakitori and Okanomiyaki. I opened the menu at Kushibar and for the first time outside of Japan, there they were, both of my favs, side by side.

Yakitori is basically grilled food on a stick. I sampled both the seafood and the house sets from the happy hour menu. The highlights for me were the grilled shrimp, hamachi and asparagus. I also ordered the Okanomiyaki which is an egg dish, that I guess I could best describe as a dinner omelet, with savory meat, veggies and an Asian BBQ sauce on it. It was delightful. Mochi for dessert and I was satiated on fine Nihonjin culinary culture!

I will be back at Kushibar in the not too distant future!



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