Posted by: b44hanson | February 11, 2009

An, “Oh My Gawd Becky!!” Moment

There are not many things in life that warrant a true Valley Girl exclamation, but Salumi Artisan Cured Meats  in Seattle does, maybe even a Double Becky!

Acting on a tip from Chowhound’s Pacific Northwest Board, I made the 10 minute trek from work to try out the Batali family’s pride and joy (well besides Mario). There were many good indicators that this was my kind of place. First, it is a small hole-in-the-wall. Second, line out the door! Third, the smell when you walk in. Your nose has so many exquisite aromas to enjoy. And lastly, and not leastly, the food. I ordered a Porchetta (which I naively ordered wrong. The ch is a hard ‘k’ sound like in Chianti) sandwich. The meat was piled on fresh Italian bread and it was a perfect marriage. The meat was tender, tasty and slightly salty in a good way. The broth would have been yummy as a soup and due to the amount of meat, it was too difficult to eat it as a sandwich, I did get to savor the broth soaked bread as my sandwich dessert.

This place immediately assumes the top spot in my lunch rotation and would be a great place to take a real foodie and a good reason all by itself for someone that thinks the food universe is contained in New Mexican cumin-free green chile sauce to make the trip to Seattle!




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